Uganda is Down, But not Out

Written by Eric Kashambuzi

In every society, people make mistakes. Those who recognize them early and correct them get back on the right track and move on. Those who don’t correct the mistakes suffer the consequences.

Uganda Police brutalityIn England, King Charles I was defeated in a civil war, absolutism and the monarchy were abolished and England became a republic (Commonwealth) under Oliver Cromwell, a military commander. Cromwell governed with an iron hand and his son who succeeded him was very weak. The people of England through their Parliament decided to restore the monarchy under King Charles II with restrictions. The mistake was corrected and England moved forward.

Since the Lancaster House constitutional conference for independence, we Ugandans have made mistakes. In a rush to meet the deadline of October 9, 1962 for independence, we postponed and overlooked major issues which should have been resolved with Britain in the chair. The daunting issues of Lost Counties, Head of State, Batutsi refugees and the fate of Amin were postponed. We abandoned Ben Kiwanuka whom we knew better and welcomed Milton Obote who had just returned from Kenya who didn’t know Uganda and Uganda didn’t know him. When Uganda became independent, it was neither a monarchy nor a republic. It was simply called “The Sovereign State of Uganda” with the Queen as Head of State.

This was a very fragile beginning and we should have known it and corrected it. Instead selfish politicians took advantage of it and in the process drove Uganda into the 1966/67 political and constitutional crisis.
When Obote made economic reforms to balance the roles of state and private sector and launch a mixed economy model (what today we call private and public partnership) and adjust a colonial economy to post-independence reality, he was wrongly accused by those who wanted his job of sneaking communism or socialism into Uganda.
Sections of Uganda frustrated with Obote wanted him replaced by anyone. They believed none could be worse than Obote. We ended up with General Amin Dada, a military commander whom we received with open arms and jubilation. To our disappointment Amin governed like Oliver Cromwell in England, with an iron hand. Unlike the English people, we didn’t use our parliament after the overthrow of Amin to put Uganda on the right track. Instead we fought each other and opened the gate for another military commander named Yoweri Museveni who had been rejected by his own Mbarara people as leader of NRM and as MP.

Like Obote, Museveni was barely known (and is still barely known) but we entrusted him with national responsibility. This mistake should have been corrected in the 1996 elections. We didn’t because we were still afraid of UPC and Obote or anyone who associated with him. Museveni is another military leader who has governed with an iron hand.

As if we haven’t learned that military leaders rule with iron hand like Cromwell, Amin and Museveni, FDC has just elected as its president a former military commander. With sincere and due respect to Uganda soldiers, men and women in uniform are trained to deal with enemies and defend their country against external aggression, not deal with civilian populations. That is why police officers who deal with civilians are trained differently from soldiers. That is why we are resisting militarization of Uganda police. We respect our soldiers but we should use their comparative advantage which is protecting and defending the nation. And they should be fully facilitated to do their work effectively and efficiently.

In situations like Uganda where checks and balances and separation of powers among the legislature, executive and judicial branches of government are lacking it is dangerous to elect a military commander to be head of state. Latin America was once ruled by military dictators and human conditions deteriorated. They have been replaced by civilians. Uganda should keep this lesson in mind.

Let us return to Cromwell for more lessons. Oliver Cromwell ruled unjustly. He dissolved parliament twice and then ruled as a dictator under the title of Lord Protector with backing of the army. He ruthlessly put down royalist uprisings in Ireland and Scotland. Cromwell saw the Catholic Irish as dangerous savages and dealt with them harshly and Catholic land was confiscated.
Like Cromwell, Amin ruled Uganda with an iron hand and threatened Kenya and invaded Tanzania.

Museveni has also ruled Uganda with an iron hand. He decided that trained and experienced Ugandans should stay in the diaspora. He deleted term limits from the constitution so he rules for life. He has rejected an independent electoral commission so he is sure to get re-elected every five years to meet a requirement for foreign aid. He has replaced Ugandans with Tutsi or tutsified Ugandans in key posts in security forces, public service and private sector and is governing with the backing of the army. At one time a foreigner was deputy army commander and deputy minister of defense! Like Cromwell, Museveni has been involved in wars in Sudan, Rwanda and DRC and is threatening to confiscate peasants land.

What makes us think that another former military commander whether under NRM or FDC will behave differently? Soldiers behave the same. They don’t know how to discuss, consult and compromise because they are not trained that way. And it is not their fault. It is the fault of those who give them responsibilities they are not qualified for. So I don’t blame Muntu or Museveni. I blame those who put them there. They should work hard to correct that mistake or Uganda will continue in darkness and deceived like when Museveni decived Ugandans on October 9, 2012 when he stated that Uganda will become a middle income country in a few years. A country retrogressing from third world status like Uganda is can’t become a middle income country in a few years. The World Bank was so appalled that it objected to that statement.

A military commander gives orders. Muntu was a military commander, giving orders. So, don’t expect him to behave differently as party leader or as president should he enter state house. When Napoleon had trouble with regional leaders, he simply divided up France into 90 provinces of equal size just to weaken resistance to his rule whether the divisions made sense or not. Similarly, Museveni has divided up Uganda into over a hundred districts to rule without resistance whether the districts make economic sense or not.

Now confident Museveni through his prime minister is threatening to give peasants land to rich Uganda and foreign farmers. Ugandans and parliament are quiet. Uganda and Rwanda have decided that colonial borders in the East African community should be abolished. Ugandans and parliament and other members of the community are quiet. Foreigners are taking over our country in broad daylight. Where is the leader of the opposition? What is the view of Muntu the newly elected president of FDC? What is the view of Olara Otunnu, the president of UPC? What is the view of Nobert Mao, the President-General of DP?
Kizza Besigye has stated that he would contest again for Uganda’s presidency if requested but he has to prove that Ugandans still want him to contest. So what are Besigye’s views on land transfer from peasants to rich farmers and the elimination of national borders? Candidates should be evaluated on their policy proposals, not on silence or buying votes.

The debates taking place in the media in Uganda and abroad are encouraging. But we need to go a stage further. All patriotic forces in Uganda whether in NRM or the opposition need to come together. Acting individually won’t help. KANU in Kenya was defeated only after opposition groups came together under NARC. UNIP in Zambia was defeated only after opposition parties came together under MMD. Ian Smith in then Rhodesia was defeated only after ZANU and ZAPU came together. Pinochet of Chile was defeated only after major opposition parties came together.
Besides coming together, Uganda needs bold, selfless, patriotic and experienced leadership with impeccable character – character matters a great deal! And this leadership is there. What is needed is to put it together for the good of all Ugandans.

The 27th October 2012 London conference on federalism demonstrated that Ugandans from all corners of the nation can work together for a perfect union when there is an enabling environment. The organizers of the conference created that atmosphere. Let us build on that.

UK Convention: Janet Museveni Escaped Through the Back Doors – Didn’t Say Bye to Her Audience

Written by Ssalongo Mugerwa

It was a nice clear sunny day on the 15/9/2012 in East London at Troxy located at 490 Commercial road. Although the convention was meant to start at 9am, as usual there were delays and the event did not start fully till about 10am. Everything inside almost looked YELLOW which are the NRM colours and the Uganda High Commission officials were visible everywhere. The event was mainly attended by Ugandans in the diaspora from western Uganda and the few from other regions did attend either to apparently promote their businesses or to look for connections in government to pursue their interests.

Janet Museveni, her daughter Natasha, Rebecca Kadaga and a few Uganda NRM MPs attended. But among those who did not show up were Edward Sekandi and Jennifer Musisi. It was not very clear as to why these didn’t turn up as we never got explanations from the organisers. As expected, Janet Museveni praised herself for transforming Karamoja from a complete write-off, insecure, gun-infested, hunger-prone, derelict and very backward region, to a secure place. But the audience did not seem convinced as the clapping seemed out of sympathy to her as opposed to a really convinced and engaged audience. One of the attendees a man over 50 years old on his way outside asked…who is she fooling? The organisers meant sure that Janet Museveni was not asked questions by the audience. After her speech they went into a break and promised the audience that she will answer their questions after the break. However this did not happen and they were kept waiting for the opportunity which never came. It’s not very clear as to why they did this. However our sources told us that the organisers did not want anyone to ask her questions which she could not answer. This would put her in an embarrassing situation. She was also kept away from audiences and at one time she was whisked away to go through a few people to wave and try to appear comfortable but she was still surrounded by many security guards.

Surprisingly the audience warmed up to Kagada the speaker of parliament. Among some of the questions which were put to the panel, was why there was a lot of tribalism and people from other regions do not get jobs however qualified and educated they might be. The panel struggled to answer this query as everyone looked to the other to take on the challenging question.


One could not miss the demonstrators outside under heavy security. The convention organisers hired a security firm which deployed over 50 guards some in orange uniforms and others in plain clothes, that is not to mention the UPDF guards. Dr Kasaato who had vowed to arrest First Lady Janet Museveni was closely monitored and whenever he moved around the building, he had over 2 security guards escorting him. At one time they followed him to where the main group of demonstrators were based and a fight almost erupted only for over six British police officers to intervene and diffuse the situation. The police warned the private security firm against acting outside their powers. That is, following demonstrators around the building even on streets that they do not have control over was illegal. A young man called Prince Mwanga almost slapped one of the security guards. ‘They kill our people every day in Uganda why are you protecting thugs’….as he squared up with the security guard. The demonstrators’ station was noisy with whistles, drummings and Mukyala Kamulali and other ladies from Northern Uganda were on mega phones motivating and explaining to those going to attend why they should not. Mukyala Kamulali used her advantage of knowing some of the names of the Baganda who attended and kept calling out their names to shame them.

‘You are traitors ….you go and feed on expensive food while your fellow Ugandans are hungry. You go and join the club of thieves but we now know who you are…How can you dine with the oppressors who want to destroy Buganda and kill off our Kabaka’ Kamulali charged. Some known church members were seen begging Kamulali to spare them the rants but she was not having any of it.

During his address to the demonstrators, Dr Kasaato urged Ugandans to stop being cowards and speak up. He emphasised that there is a difference between being assertive and rude or noisy. He said for us ‘we are assertive and know what we want…we want democracy and federalism. The government should stop human rights abuses in our country and stop killing innocent people. If you believed in freedoms, you should have allowed people to ask questions and also engaged those that don’t agree with you. Our hospitals are underfunded and have no medicines yet you are wasting taxpayers’ money’.

Mustapha Semanda Magero the Chairman of the Uganda Federal Confederates (UFC) thanked those that attended the demonstration against the so called ‘NRM sponsored convention’ and urged Ugandans to keep demanding for democracy and a federal political system of governance which he argues will make every kingdom and region feel secure economically, socially and politically. He criticised the government for ignoring public services especially the health care system which is underfunded. ‘For those of you who attended and supported, I urge you to continue this spirit. We are on the right side of history. Let’s hope that those who could not make it today can come next time. Let’s also hope that those who came late; come early next time. Demonstrations are not for the lower classes as some have told us, even Mandela, Ghandi, Clinton and Obama have all in their lives demonstrated for the betterment of their people. What about you? For those of you supporting this regime, one thing for sure we will never give up till our people are free!!’ he said.

Belinda Atim a human rights activist criticised the government for ignoring Ugandans in the Northern region especially those suffering from famine and Nodding Syndrome. She also criticised the government’s policy of forceful displacement of Acolis in IDP camps and grabbing their land.

Janet Museveni escapes citizen’s arrest.

Dr Kasaato and other human rights activists who wanted to carry out a citizen’s arrest on Janet Museveni failed as she was whisked away through the back doors. The security guards used two range rovers as decoys and Janet escaped through another car which was kept in one of the garages on the building. An eye witness told The Uganda Citizen that Janet left the main hall through one of the doors in the toilet corridors. The Uganda Citizen could not independently verify this as efforts to get a comment from the organisers went unanswered.

In all, the convention was not well attended as last year and the majority of those that attended came late to see musicians like Bobi Wine and Judith Babirye. Bobi Wine sung songs praising the Kabaka of Buganda and crowds went mad and could not keep tipping him. A certain old woman from western Uganda was heard saying ….why didn’t they bring those from our region….meaning western Uganda.

Demonstration in UK Against the NRM ‘sponsored’ Convention

A woman demonstrator shot in Uganda Groups of Ugandan organisations in the UK are mobilizing to demonstrate against the NRM Convention in UK to take place on next Saturday 15/09/2012 at Troxy function hall located at 490 Commercial Road, London, E1 0HX. The demonstration is to start from 9-6pm.

In a message sent out to online forums, facebook and other social media, Mustapha Semanda Magero the Chairman of the Uganda Federal Confederates (UFC) has urged Ugandans to turn out in big numbers and show solidarity to the millions of Ugandans being beaten-up and oppressed by the NRM government every day. Semanda Magero criticised the Uganda government for wasting tax payers’ money on grand events every year in different countries yet “…our people are dying in hospitals which are ill equipped with no medicines or doctors. That’s why we are demanding for federalism which means sharing and devolving power to regions and kingdoms so that we can deal with our respective priorities”

First Lady Janet Museveni, Vice President Edward Ssekandi, and KCCA Executive Director Jennifer Musisi are among the NRM personalities expected to attend the event. Jennifer Musisi’s 30million a month salary was also criticised by the demo organisers.

“…Jennifer Musisi alone earns over Shs.30,000,000/= a month, which is more than the UK Prime Minister earns. Let these NRM thieves know that they are not welcome in the UK and the whole world is watching them.”

Other guests expected to attend this event include Baroness Lynda Chalker and Tullow oil executives. The organisers have accused Chalker of lobbying for President Museveni in Western governments “…No wonder he (Museveni) kills and no western governments raise a finger. This woman has had close relationships with many African dictators, including Obasanjo of Nigeria. This is your chance to further isolate this (NRM) regime.”
“…Many innocent people have died trying to express their freedoms in Uganda. Those of you in Europe – this is our turn to show solidarity to our brothers and sisters in Uganda who get imprisoned, tear-gassed or gunned down every day.” Semanda Magero charged.

Meanwhile Dr Rashid Kasaato said plans are ready to arrest Janet Museveni under the UK Citizens Arrest Act 1961. Kasaato said Janet will be arrested because she’s an accomplice to Museveni’s crimes. She is a government minister and an MP but she never opposes her husband’s tribalism, corruption and nepotism tendencies in the country. Dr Kasaato who is a fearless democratic activist had fights with Museveni’s bodyguards a few years ago as he interrupted Museveni’s speech.

Belinda Atim a brilliant mobiliser from the Acholi community said many Acholis are ready and just waiting for the demonstration on the 15/9/2012. Mukyala Male Kamulali urged Ugandans to be brave like their fore fathers who fought to defend their kingdoms. It’s a pitty that Mutenza is lying to Ugandans that the event is for promoting Uganda as a business hub. The whole event is about promoting the NRM in UK and we know it. How many opposition leaders did they invite? Kamulali questioned. The Uganda Citizen has learnt that no opposition leaders are included on the event’s program.

Congolese to join the demonstrations

Congolese are also set to join to demonstrate against Yoweri Museveni the president of Uganda. They accuse him of funding the M23 together with Rwanda to destabilise the DR Congo. ‘We will continue to build alliances with other groups from the great lakes region to oppose this dictatorial regime’…Belinda said.

Bobi Wine, Judith Babirye and other musicians warned

The musicians who have been hired to entertain NRM guests have also come under attack. On different Uganda forums such as Ugandans at Heart (UAH), Ugandans are vowing to punish these musicians they are accusing of being traitors. They have singled out Bobi Wine for pretending to be ‘Omubanda wa Kabaka’ yet he performs on NRM functions and promotes the ruling government. Below is one of the comments from the forum:

‘We are going to punish Bobi Wine, Judith Babirye and other musicians involved in directly or indirectly promoting this or any future NRM events by NOT attending their shows ever again …….unless they pull out of performing for National Robbers Movement (NRM)! It’s time for economic war now’

Museveni is Unlikely to Step Down Voluntarily or Through the Ballot Box

Yesterday, July 2, 2012, I wrote an article appealing to Ugandans to come together quickly and save Uganda from Museveni’s notion of metamorphosis or complete overhaul. Museveni prepared step by step what he wanted to achieve including sending messages or making observations in the form of questions after he has stated his view for those who cared to know where he was headed. For example, in his interview with John Nagenda shortly before he became president Museveni through a question posed by Nagenda (perhaps with Museveni’s encouragement) made a statement to the effect that there are two races in western Uganda – Ugandans of the white race (Museveni’s race) and Ugandans of the black race although both races speak Lunyankole language. He sent a convoluted message about white superiority and black inferiority. But his supporters including those in Ntungamo district have made it clear who is who and who deserves what in Uganda.

Museveni elaborated his views in an interview with Bill Berkely and said with reference to colonialism and slavery: “I have never blamed the whites [M7 believes he is white] for colonizing Africa; I have never blamed these whites for taking slaves. If you are stupid, you should be taken a slave”. This was in 1994. Museveni believes almost religiously that he fought Ugandans with his Tutsi mercenaries and some “stupid” Ugandans and conquered Uganda and took Ugandans slaves. So, he should not be blamed. Ugandans who facilitated Museveni to conquer and colonize them are the ones who should be blamed (and those who supported and still support him know themselves and know how Museveni refers to them). Similarly, if Ugandans are taken slaves, witness human trafficking and commercialization underway in Uganda, it is the fault of “stupid” Ugandans.

The above statements may sound incredible but that is the reality – and the truth hurts sometimes. Those who don’t want to hear the truth or want to let sleeping dogs lie are going to castigate me in order to shut me up. Before doing that, I suggest you reflect and consult others in order to take an informed decision. You may realize that I am trying from the bottom of my heart (despite the risks involved) to make life better for present and future generations.

I have studied Museveni very carefully within the Great Lakes region context since our student days at Ntare School. I am convinced about what I am saying. Let me repeat what I have said many times before: I have nothing against Museveni as a person and his family – believe me. I hope Museveni and his family will treat me and my family the same way. I am simply and honestly opposed to his policies which are leading Uganda into hell including the possibility of abolishing Uganda boundaries as one East African president has suggested to a high powered Uganda delegation. Hopefully, other patriots feel the same. Reversing NRM’s failed policies will save Ugandans including Museveni and his family. For the sake of inclusiveness, UDU is extending an olive branch to NRM. Let us work together. As noted already, NRM cannot do it alone because it has a big problem. When the old and the young fall in deep sleep when the president is addressing the nation and the world – the occasion when everyone especially cabinet members must be alert, it means that there is a systemic problem. The cabinet is telling Museveni, the nation and the world that it needs help – either they are very tired and need to be retired or they are incapable and need to be replaced. And they should be excused. Museveni is the one to blame for retaining in public office such people. Museveni seems to be afraid of new blood with fresh ideas. That is why he has retained the old and picked the young who have a sleeping problem and possibly other disabilities. Such people are easy to handle. For Museveni, it seems, a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush regardless of the cost to the nation.

Be that as it may. Stories coming from Sheema in southwest Uganda indicate that under the leadership of MP Elioda Tumwesigye the youth have launched Museveni for a fifth term. Instead of asking Museveni to cater for the interests of youth and children who are dying of preventable malnutrition and communicable diseases, who have been denied school lunch and are dropping out of school in large numbers, whose unemployment rate exceeds 80 percent and whose rights and freedoms are being violated when they stage peaceful demonstrations asking government for help, Tumwesigye has endorsed Museveni for a fifth term. It appears Tumwesigye represents those Ugandans that Museveni refers to as “stupid”. If you are stupid you will be exploited and then you will request your exploiter to stay in power and continue to exploit you. That is exactly what Tumwesigye has just done to the youth and entire people of Sheema. Tumwesigye represents those MPs who simply don’t understand what it means to represent people or Tumwesigye is a relative of Museveni by birth or adoption and is perpetuating the interests of Museveni and his family or Tumwesigye is simply greedy for power and/or wealth and Museveni has used such Ugandans before to achieve his goals. Tumwesigye should therefore be ashamed and if he has realized the mistake he committed he should apologize to the people of Sheema and the entire nation. Museveni is seeking early endorsement for another term starting in the former Ankole district to save NRM from total collapse on his watch for three compelling reasons.

First, the defeat of NRM candidate in a by-election in Museveni’s back yard has embarrassed and scared him.
Second, the ongoing fight for succession among the First Lady, Speaker of Parliament and Prime Minister has shaken NRM. Because Museveni is unable to decide who should succeed him, he has chosen to run for another term to contain fire that has started in the kitchen and might spread and burn down the entire house.

Third, stories reaching us indicate that Museveni and NRM are scared of UDU, its non-corrupt and anti-sectarian leadership and excellent National Recovery Plan (NRP) as a replacement for the failed policies of NRM. That is why Museveni has rushed to invite UPC to join NRM and to offer Miria Obote a cabinet post as rumored before UPC decides to partner with UDU. That NRM has failed and that it is in trouble and therefore cannot reverse course is not in doubt any longer at home and abroad. We urge UPC to work with UDU which is moving forward and not NRM that is sliding backwards at an accelerating speed. You don’t join a sinking ship. You rush towards a rescue vessel. Notwithstanding, Museveni wants to continue as president beyond 2016 in the belief that rulers do no wrong.

Museveni is clinging onto power for other reasons similar to those of James. Before he became king of England, James I wrote a book “The True Law of Free Monarchy”. He reasoned that monarchy was established by conquest and passed on through inheritance. Once established, the monarchy was sovereign (not the people). He added that monarchs are the “agents of God upon earth”. The King’s will is God’s will, a king, therefore rules by divine right and can do no wrong. James I passed the throne to his son Charles I who insisted on absolute rule and divine right of kings. The British Parliament that was already angry with the first Stuart king James I who ruled differently from the Tudor kings said no. The dispute was resolved through a civil war that Charles lost. From then on the power and sovereignty have rested with Parliament through the people who elect members to serve in that institution. Museveni should drop the idea that he conquered Uganda and took Ugandans as slaves and will pass on the presidency to his wife, son or brother. One of the reasons UDU was created and is gathering support is to re-establish the sovereignty of the people of Uganda who in turn will elect representatives to parliament to serve their interests through the instruments of democracy and good governance. The people of Uganda have become enlightened, their eyes and ears are alert. And they don’t like what they are seeing and hearing. They want change preferably by peaceful means. Once people and their institutions have refused there is virtually nothing that the ruler can do except to yield and save lives and property.
The people of Uganda and increasingly their institutions are sending signals of resistance to NRM rule through demonstrations which should continue and spread to all parts of the country to stretch police capacity to the limit or force it to join demonstrators out of frustration and hunger while the military stays neutral or joins the suffering majority to send a joint message to Museveni to let go before chaos breaks loose (security forces especially those suffering like civilians need to know that their duty is to protect or join the people when the government oppresses them in any form. You are not there to serve the ruler. In fact you should send signals to the ruler that he has gone too far). Non-violence works through many visible and invisible ways by inter alia creating an environment that discourages investors and tourists and remittances. Capital flight and business relocation outside Uganda follows and donors cut back assistance. These actions reduce government revenue. Salaries for civil servants and teachers and health workers etc, security forces and embassies abroad are not paid. They cannot buy food and send their children to school etc. Drivers refuse to work and farmers to grow or sell food. The country is paralyzed. Anger and hunger erupt.

The demonstrations that started last year reduced economic growth rate to 3.2 per cent (the lowest since NRM came to power in 1986) below population growth of 3.5 percent, meaning that poverty has increased. So demonstrations are working and Museveni and his police cannot use force to kill and maim and intimidate demonstrators because the international community has warned Museveni and UDU is watching like a hawk for any sign of trouble and we shall spring into action. UDU press releases and other contacts have contributed in a big way. So, go out and demonstrate until NRM comes to its senses. In 1917, the people of Russia and their Duma (Parliament) said no to Czar Nicholas II when he told them to disband. He called on the police to put down the demonstrators. The police said no and joined the demonstrators. Then he called on the army to step in on behalf of the Romanov family and the Russian Empire. The soldiers including the most trusted Cossacks said no and joined the demonstrators. Eventually, army commanders advised Nicholas to abdicate. He did and called on his brother Michael to take over. Michael was very wise and realistic and politely said no. And the Romanov dynasty came to an end. Mobutu Sese Seko was advised by his very close advisers to step down and he said no. We all know what happened in the end. History repeats itself. Museveni and advisers at home and abroad, please take heed because Ugandans have rejected NRM’s corrupt, sectarian and incompetent rule.

50 Held Foreigners Could be Deported

Some of the netted foreign nationals processing the deportation documents at the immigration offices
Some of the netted foreign nationals processing the deportation documents at the immigration offices Credits: New Vision

Over 50 foreigners were Tuesday rounded up by Ugandan immigration authorities and face deportation after they were suspected of illegally staying in the country.

By Tuesday evening, the directorate of Citizenship and Immigration in Kampala was still verifying their immigration documents.

According to the commissioner of immigration and legal services, Josephine Ekwang, those found to be living in the country illegally will be fined and deported within one week.

Most of the suspects are Chinese, Indians and Pakistanis. Their arrest files showed that most of them had forged passports or work permits.

Others had no valid passports, while others lacked other immigration documents.

Some of the Chinese entered the country under the pretext of investors, but were arrested in town while selling plastic cups.

“This is abuse of facilities. You are given a work permit to operate as an investor, but instead operate a shop,” said Rodovick Kamugisha, the head investigation and inspection.

Ugandans have often complained of the foreigners who have flooded the country, engaged in many businesses and out-competed them since they do not pay taxes.

Ekwang said 166 foreigners had been deported during this financial year ending. Most of them were of Indian origin.

She attributed the problem to porous borders and warned that those found to be living in the country illegally would be arrested and fined $30 dollars per day.

“Management wants to assure everybody that genuine visitors and investors will be allowed to stay. If any member has information about illegal immigrants, they should bring it to us,” she said.
Author: Mary Karugaba